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It is time to break up with your dry skin for good!  Hearing the buzz about body oils, but not sure exactly what they can do for you? Body oils are intended to replace a traditional lotion (or they can be used in combination).  They are highly concentrated and when used correctly you will see some amazing benefits!


  1. Moisturizes & hydrates the skin – Our daily moisturizing body oil formula is a concentrated blend of olive oil + other plant-based oils formulated to moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving it soft and glowing. Olive oil is a natural emollient and has a similar composition of the skin’s natural lubricant which allows the olive oil to penetrate deep into the skin, locking in natural moisture and preventing dry skin. Oils can penetrate deep into the skin and limit transepidermal water loss – meaning that the water inside your body that keeps you hydrated stays in there – keeping you hydrated longer! It acts as a moisture barrier against the elements protecting your skin from wind and cold temperatures.
  2. Provides natural anti-aging antioxidants – Oils are packed with 100% pure skin loving antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids (including  hydroxytyrosol and vitamin E), that can protect your skin against free radicals, renew damaged skin cells, and prevent aging.  So, you are getting moisturized + reaping all the nourishing and anti-aging benefits of the nutrients in oils.  Just a little and very important side note: Not all oils are the same, so it is important that the oils that you are using are cold pressed, which ensures the beneficial properties are still intact.  There are WAY too many fake olive oils on the market too, so make sure you are using an oil from a source that you can trust!
  3. Quickly absorbs deeply into skin – If you haven’t used a body oil you may have a little hesitation because you think it will be greasy. Our blend took us six months to create to get the perfect consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy film, but still keeping you moisturized.

Just a little feedback from our customer: ‘I love how quickly they absorb too! I put them on after the shower and I don’t really need to wait to get into my skinny jeans like I had to with other oil’.


If you are a veteran body oil user – that is great!  If you are a rookie and thinking about trying it out, but not sure how do I use it – you aren’t alone.  Body Oils are just now becoming more popular in the US and I have got asked the question many times on how to use it.  So, here are a few tips on how to use it to get the maximum benefits!

  1. Apply to damp skin after the shower to lock in moisture. The oil locks in the moisture from the water which is what helps to leave your skin moisturized longer!
  2. Massage onto skin before a bath for an ultra-moisturizing soak. This is the best! You will get out of that bath feeling so smooth!
  3. Massage onto skin after sun to help soothe. Olive Oil does wonders for mild sun burns.  This formula can help sooth your skin and keep it moisturized to reduce peeling.
  4. Not ready to part with your lotion? Mix it in with your fave lotion for extra hydration.  If I am not getting a shower at night, I like mixing my oil with some lotion before I hop into bed!  Because lotion contains water, it helps for the oil to absorb!  Also, my go to before bed is the Greek Lavender
  5. Apply a couple of drops to hair for shine. This can be on damp or dry hair + it makes you smell pretty! Just remember a little goes a long way so just try a few drops at a time.
  6. Shaving your legs won’t be the same.  Smooth and no bumps, complete game changer on this!! Use a scrub before and it is even better!



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