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In the US, body oils are not as common as they are in Europe.  I discovered the benefits of body oil while living in Greece and it was actually my Australian friend that got me to start using body oil – she swore by it!  Previously, I used lotion, and although some lotions are great, I wanted to share why I absolutely love body oil and wouldn’t go back to a lotion.


Body Oils are concentrated to lock moisture into your skin for hours, while body lotions tend to come off more quickly.  Body Oils can be easily absorbed in the skin and can penetrate deep into the skin giving your skin a healthy balance of moisture all day.  Lotions often contain synthetic fillers and preservatives which can sometimes be drying to your skin.

Tip: For best results, apply your body oil just after a bath or shower when your skin is still a little wet – the water molecules help to lock in the moisture.


Unlike lotions, body oils do not contain water, and therefore they do not need a preservative. That is part of the reason why I made the switch to body oil.  I was avoiding the parabens and the many preservatives that are often found in lotions.

Tip: Store your body oil in a dark and cool place.  Because there is no preservatives in body oil, avoid getting water in the bottle.

Nutrient Rich Ingredients

This is probably the number one reason why body oils are amazing.  Oils are concentrated and packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and essential fatty acids and since they are easily absorbed in your skin, your skin will reap all of the amazing benefits of the vitamins. Some oils can help repair damaged skin, boost collagen production, soothe irritated skin, and reduce the signs of again and stretch marks – all without the use of synthetic ingredients.

Tip: Not all oils are the same, when choosing a bottle oil, it is important to choose oils that are cold pressed – which ensures the beneficial properties are still intact.

Multiple Uses

I recently went a trip to Greece and took my body oil.  It served multiple purposes so reduced what I had to pack! The obvious reason to use the oil is after the shower to moisturize.  But ladies…I used it to save my legs too!  I thought – why not give it a go and see how this works.  I will not purchase shaving cream again, this works wonders and leaves your legs so smooth! Last but not list, in the winters, when I tend to take baths more often, I put a few drops in the bath tub.  You will notice how soft your skin is when you get out.  Just be careful when getting out because it is oil and may be a bit slippery in the tub.

Tip: Need a boost of shine to your hair?  Apply a few drops to your hair when damp.  Need to get rid of that frizz?  Apply a few drops to your dry hair.

Longer Lasting

A little goes a long way!  Since the oils are highly- concentrated and don’t contain water and a bunch of fillers you don’t need to use that much.  Since some lotions can be drying – most likely due to the synthetic ingredients – you tend to use more and then need to buy more! In the long run, body oils are the more economical options so you can go splurge on those cute shoes you have been eyeing!

Tip: Depending on where you will be using your oil, always start out with a small amount and then adjust as needed.

So, have you made the switch from lotions to body oils?  I would love to hear your thoughts!  If you are looking to make the switch – our body oils are all made with high quality cold pressed oils and come in two luxe scents. 

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